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Centerfield JM is a fun, fast paced, energetic, performance driven center. We strive for excellence in everything we do without compromising the integrity of our business. We are a goal driven company that consistently pushes the envelope and challenge market benchmarks. We are committed to servicing our customers, employees and community with the highest level of respect and integrity.


To provide the information services and resources necessary to simplify our customers’ lives and meet their technology, connectivity, and security needs.



Centerfield focuses on maintaining a strong company culture through it's fun work environment and participation in charitable events.

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Nicole Thomas

"I have been with Centerfield for 5 years, I started out as a Sales Expert, and now I am a member of the Closer Team. I enjoy my job, enjoy it so much that I am almost never absent. The working environment is fun and exciting; not to mention then compensation package, it is phenomenal. Personally, the opportunities for growth that is present at Centerfield, makes the organization very attractive. So far, my experience at Centerfield has been very fulfilling."

Akeem Trought

"I genuinely enjoy working at Centerfield! From the thrill of making a sale to all the employee engagement activities, especially our staff party that I look forward to each year. I have been with Centerfield for 3 years now, and during that time I went from being a Sales Expert to a Closer. The working environment is very relaxed and laidback; everyone is very friendly. Centerfield is like my home away from home."

David Byfield

"I get up every morning and I look forward to coming to work. I feel valued and appreciated by my superiors and peers. I admire our VP/GM Marvin Tulloch, not only is he my boss, but he is a friend. I am passionate about sales and so, I am very good at what I do; I always strive for excellence. I have been working at Centerfield as a Sales Expert for 4 years now, and I can say, without hesitation, that I genuinely love my job! I especially like that there is no ceiling or cap on what you can gain financially, at Centerfield. There are countless opportunities to grow and accomplish many of the finer things in life by working at Centerfield."

Timeka Elliot

"I joined Centerfield 5 years ago as a Sales Expert, shortly after I was promoted to a Team Lead. What I admire most about Centerfield, is the opportunities for growth that is present. In addition to that, Centerfield, consistently recognize, appreciate and reward their employees. Overall, I love my job!"

Rainehard Clarke

"My journey at Centerfield has been a very progressive and prosperous one. I started as a Sales Expert, after two months, I was promoted to a Closer and since recently I was promoted to a Blue Hat Manager, all of this growth accord within just a year of joining the Centerfield team. I was first attracted to the company by hearing employees speak about the financial freedom that they have gained, and truth be told, Centerfield has not disappointed me in that regard. Aside from compensation, I admire how Centerfield values their employees; I would describe the environment as family oriented and fun-loving. Without a doubt, I would recommend persons to join our team."

Tracey-Ann Johnson

"I joined Centerfield on January 28, 2013 as a member of the dining department. I excelled on the team, and shortly after I was promoted to Sales Trainer. I transitioned to the Team Lead role in June of 2013. I am now, one of the Operations Manager for the MSO department. As you can see from my journey, Centerfield has given me plenty of opportunities. I enjoy my coming to work. Our environment is family oriented; we have an Open-Door policy, employees are free to meet with any level of the management team, at any time. I look forward to many of our employee engagement activities. Overall I what I do, I am happy to be a member of this team."




Centerfield is looking for talented individuals to help us expand our sales department business in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Inside Sales Representative uses a consultative sales process to understand the needs of potential customers, guide them to the best possible solution, answers questions and provides them with the services that best suits their needs.



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