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Generating millions of policies for
home, health, insurance and Medicare providers

Premium calls and leads for insurance agents

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Digital Demand Generation

Create customized marketing campaigns for transaction-ready consumers across digital & mobile allowing you to manage inbound customer flow with the flip of a switch. Consumers are delivered directly into your existing sales process with ROI-focused results. Media spend is continuously right-priced algorithmically based on real-time fluctuations in both consumer behavior and client demand.

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Consumer Qualification & Triage

Enable your sales agents to spend 100% of their time quoting the right prospects. Trained concierge reps from Centerfield Insurance provide live consumer qualification and handoff via voice, text, or web. Your customers experience courteous, professional human interaction — not menu prompts.

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Analytics-Driven Consumer Routing

The ideal consumer experience is not one-size-fits-all. At every interaction point, we provide tools to help determine the best next steps for each individual consumer. Optimized with the results of the millions of consumers we service, we can identify the best-fit carrier or agent across a plethora of data points.

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