Chief Editor Gabe Turner Talks Digital Security Tips & Trends

Chief Editor of Gabe Turner was recently a guest on the Tech & Main podcast, a weekly interview show that features industry experts and leaders on cybersecurity.

Before he became a security expert, Gabe was an attorney for the New York State Department of Financial Services after earning his J.D. from the New York University School of Law. Today Gabe personally tests out hundreds of home and digital security products as Chief Editor at, the destination for the newest technologies, products, and services to secure our digital and physical lives. He is passionate about safety, technology, and the combination of the two.

In the Tech & Main interview, Gabe discusses the genesis of “I had seen so much on the consumer protection side as an attorney,” he tells the podcast’s host Shaun St.Hill. “We can have all these laws, but ultimately what is going to help is a society that is ready and knowledgeable about what can happen to them in terms of digital security.” He says he set out to teach people about the tools to help them feel safe and secure.

Listen to the full interview to learn about Gabe’s experience living and working overseas, as well as what has him most excited about his daily work. Don’t miss Gabe’s reviews and findings on security cameras, systems, VPNs, and identity theft protection services on’s YouTube channel.