Releases New Research on Influencer Marketing in 2021

The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach nearly $14 billion in 2021, according to a new report by, the premier savings and discount destination for retail, electronics, travel, and personal care. That is a 40 percent increase since last year.

Despite growth for the industry, found that half (47 percent) of the influencers they talked to said it was harder now to work with brands than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 200 influencers were surveyed for this report between July and August 2021. Questions were asked about their experiences with online marketing, content creation, and whether the pandemic negatively impacted their ability to reach audiences.

Discover all of the findings, including what the majority of influencers earned in the past year and the platform driving the most revenue growth this year, in The State of Influencer Marketing in 2021.