Episode 5: Brand Strategy Master Class with Gillian O’Connell of Microsoft

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This episode is a master class in brand strategy – our guest, Gillian O’Connell currently leads brand and integrated marketing strategy for all of Microsoft’s commercial business – including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics. We learned a lot about how to think about brand strategy and its intersection with digital marketing. 

Gillian and John discussed how your office space and physical environment really matters for your brand.  When John Busby was at amazon, he worked in a building called Wainwright – which was the last name of Amazon’s first customer – and when he learned that, it reinforced Amazon’s “customer obsession”.  Prior to Microsoft, Gillian led the physical space redesign for Expedia’s gorgeous Seattle campus.

You’ll also hear Gillian’s insights on starting a career in brand strategy as well as insights on industries like professional services, hotels, auto and more. 

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