How Centerfield Is Supporting the Community

Learn more about how Centerfield is supporting the community in this article here by BuiltinLA and below!

How is your team giving back to the local community right now, and why?  

Centerfield recently donated to Frontline Foods, an organization raising funds to feed healthcare workers by partnering with local restaurants. We wanted to show our sincere appreciation for healthcare workers who are on the front line, risking their lives to save others and helping to put an end to this unfortunate pandemic. Our donation will also help our local restaurants that are struggling financially during this time.

We have also given to Meals on Wheels, an organization dedicated to keeping seniors safe and nourished. We want to take care of our elderly who are at high risk from COVID-19. Meals on Wheels replenishes their food and supplies, subsidizes their transportation, and enables tech-based efforts to check in on them.

The Ninth Trait of Being a Centerfielder – Giving Back

How have you adapted, expanded or changed your charitable giving initiatives in light of recent events?

At Centerfield, one of our favorite ways of giving back to the community is by donating our time and volunteering at local elementary schools by helping with their after-school programs and partnering with awesome organizations that assemble care packages for those in need. Sadly, we’ve had to temporarily suspend our volunteer events that were scheduled for March and April but are eager to pick things back up where we left off once it’s safe for everyone. In addition to donating funds to initiatives that need our support during this challenging time, we’re looking into ways that we can volunteer virtually.