How Centerfield Became a Major Player in Customer Acquisition

The following is an excerpt from Centerfield’s Built In LA profile.

Every year, 125 million people are visiting Centerfield’s portfolio of trusted consumer-geared websites. Add to that our powerful marketing platform Dugout and it’s easy to see how Centerfield has gained influence as one of the biggest players in customer acquisition. Today, our marketing solutions generate a staggering volume of customers for brands ranging from AT&T to Macy’s.

“Nobody would suspect that we’re connected across all of these verticals in so many ways,” Jaimie Clark, Centerfield’s vice president of SEO, told Built In LA. “I feel like we are quiet giants.”

Clark along with Chief Marketing Officer John Busby and Vice President of Editorial Tina Lee recently sat down with Built In LA to reveal how Centerfield’s team of writers, editors, strategists and SEO experts help big-name clients in security, technology, and more get noticed.

“If you need help finding an internet service provider or a home security system or even a Father’s Day present, these sites are the best for helping answer those questions,” Busby told Built In LA. “Brands want to be a part of these sites, which is consistent with Centerfield’s mission of helping brands be successful.”

In pinpointing exactly what consumers want, Centerfield clients gain increased traction from consumers interested in purchasing their products, while users gain thoughtfully researched information on the products that are best suited to their budgets and lifestyles.  

“The advice we give is coming from an authentic place, so if we’re testing a service, we’re actually getting those services on our devices and on our phones, TVs and laptops,” said Lee. “These recommendations are coming from our actual experience and many hours of research. We want our advice and these guides to be as useful as possible.”

We also use a data-backed approach to understand audience interest, added Clark. This includes knowing the types of questions consumers are asking and what types of products they are getting. “The fact that we have over 100 million users is not by accident,” she said.

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