Episode 17: Power to the Worker with Xembly CEO Pete Christothoulou

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This week’s episode covers productivity, early growth, go-to-market and finding a founder-market fit.

Professionals spend more than 20 hours a week in meetings, wouldn’t it be nice if they were more effective? That’s what our guest Pete Christothoulou is trying to solve for today with his company, Xembly, a startup that provides every person an automated chief-of-staff through a mix of conversational AI and product design.

John Busby, CMO of Centerfield and Pete Christothoulou, Xembly CEO, talk about the challenges with meetings, and we’re sure you’ll empathize with those.

Listen until the end to hear their discussion on the concept of founder-market fit, focusing on building core leadership teams uniquely qualified to solve a problem.

They also discuss:

– Making your company’s meetings more efficient

– Eliminating unnecessary task making

– Focusing on the meeting instead of the worry of note taking

– Xembly’s growth through word of mouth

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