A Day in the Life of Culture Manager Tiffany Sayers

Meet Culture Manager Tiffany Sayers. Over the course of five years at Centerfield, Tiffany has organized countless social and volunteer events for our company and is continuously seeking new opportunities to ensure all employees are happy and healthy. Her most rewarding projects include implementing an ongoing after-school volunteer program in partnership with Lennox LEAP and heading up the Culture Club. We sat down with Tiffany to discuss how Centerfield culture is shifting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Can you share some of the exciting new Culture initiatives Centerfield has developed?
A: This year, we launched a Green Team to help create a stronger environment-friendly impact in all our offices. We also assembled an Inclusion & Diversity Council to help establish goals, actions, and awareness to support this initiative. We also have a Culture Club where Centerfielders gather to offer feedback on our social and volunteer events and offer suggestions on how we can continue to make Centerfield a great place to work.

Q: How has Centerfield’s culture shifted in light of recent events?
A: We had to quickly adapt and find unique ways to share, connect, and keep people engaged. We started a daily series, Wireless But Wired In, where we send out useful health and wellness tips, fun activities to do with your kids at home, and engaging individual and team-based challenges. Our bi-weekly challenges, from a creative cooking video contest to team charity mile runs, help us bond and create fun experiences with our coworkers. At the end of the day, we want everyone to know that we are here for support and that we are all in this together.

Wireless But Wired In: Creative Cooking Challenge Winner

Q: How is Centerfield helping employees adapt to the work-from-home environment?
A: We started a weekly newsletter, Quarantimes, to provide employees with important business updates and WFH tips and advice. We also have a dedicated section on gratitude where we highlight Centerfielders who are doing an excellent job and deserve a round of applause. Team managers hold daily video check-ins and scheduled happy hours. In times like these, over-communication is key, and we encourage everyone to speak up.

Q: How is Centerfield supporting employee health and wellness right now?
A: We just started our Summer Fridays, and we actively encourage Centerfielders to take time off regularly to unplug, pause, and recharge. We’ve been super excited to provide everyone with complimentary Zoom workout classes – yoga during the week and Zoomba on the weekend. In addition, our Slack channel #ChannelPositivty is a place where people can post lighthearted content, fun memes, and exciting virtual events happening during this time.

Wireless But Wired In: Quarantine Workout from Jenna Borden, Culture Specialist