Centerfield’s VP of HR Reveals Big Plans for the Remainder of 2021

Centerfield has already hired more than 40 new employees this year, and there’s no sign of recruitment slowing down, according to Centerfield’s Vice President of Human Resources Gena Romano. 

Built In LA checked in with HR leaders at nine local tech companies to better understand how they were navigating the return to business as usual. In addition to growing organically, Centerfield has also expanded from acquisitions. 

“We are scaling the business at a fast pace, and our hiring plans are massive to meet the needs of our growing business,” Gena said. “As we continue to expand, maintaining a stellar experience for newly hired and newly acquired employees will continue to be a top priority for us.”

As for the steps Centerfield has taken to maintain the best possible experience for its employees during this period of rapid growth? In addition to implementing more programs, clubs, processes, and exercises, Centerfield has also provided each team member with a $500 work-from-home stipend that they can use — however they choose — to make their home office comfortable.

Read the full interview here to learn more about Gena’s innovative projects and major growth plans for the remainder of the year.