Centerfield’s President of Business Services Discusses How Small Businesses Can Think Bigger in 2022

Earlier this year Scott Norwalk, Centerfield’s President of Business Services, spoke at the B2SMBI Forward 2022 virtual conference alongside Chris Shank, National Director, Small Business Innovation at Verizon, about opportunities in 2022 to help entrepreneurs and small business owners think bigger. They shared their thoughts on digital transformation and how businesses can focus on sustainability and growth. 

Digital Transformation:

According to Scott, the most immediate impact COVID has made to SMB’s is that business decision-makers are now turning to the internet to do research and comparison shopping before making initial contact. He recommended that SMBs focus on enhancing and improving their digital footprint. 

Based on Verizon’s small business recovery survey Chris said optimism is high and 68% of SMBs predict their business will be better within a year as a result of the recent surge in digital adoption. 

Sustainability & Growth:

As small businesses move from survival mode into sustainability and growth, businesses are doubling down on customer retention and acquisition.

“Our core focus has shifted to focusing on a distributed sales force and so our content that B2Bs are asking for is related to CRMs, Fleet management technology, POS systems, and new hybrid digital tools.” said Scott.

Watch the full interview below for these insights and more.

Whats next? Scott will be joining Eric Groves, Founder of Alignable, and Stephanie Gorski, Managing Director of SMB at Accenture in the upcoming B2SMB Leaders Forum, to reveal top takeaways from their latest research.