Centerfield’s New Learning and Organizational Development Department

Employee growth is fundamental to Centerfield — that’s why feedback and career development have always been critical components of our company culture. Earlier this year, Centerfield launched a Learning and Organizational Development department to enable employees to make long-term career plans by better understanding all of the ways they can grow.

Senior Director Zelna McGee was responsible for designing Centerfield’s L&D framework from scratch. She set out to build a solid foundation and implement its impact across the organization. In a recent interview with Built In, she said her first 60 days were a complete immersion into the organization.

“My first point of business was creating career paths for different departments,” Zelna said. She sat with various department leaders to figure out what that career path looked like. In an effort to empower employees to “own their career,” Zelna gave the entire U.S. corporate population access to LinkedIn Learning to help build the skills necessary for individual development.

Learn more about Centerfield’s Learning and Organizational Development Department and the impact Zelna’s rollouts have made on employees in the full interview.