Centerfield’s Dugout Platform Enhances Omnichannel Capabilities with AI-Powered Chat

We are excited to announce the addition of AI-powered chat to our end-to-end customer acquisition platform, Dugout. Engaging customers via an automated chat experience has allowed Dugout to better optimize millions of shopping experiences for the world’s leading brands. We are now using chat to qualify thousands of shoppers every day.

How It Works

By leveraging AI to power chat-based conversations, Dugout can more efficiently understand what the customer is looking for, where they are at in their purchase journey, and how they would like to engage, and then navigate them accordingly. Integrating AI enables a smooth handoff to purchase via e-commerce, sales center, or other channels. 

The Benefits

The benefit of getting the right information in front of the right user with a channel that the user is excited about engaging with translates to happier customers and more profitable marketing campaigns. Internal tests have shown that shifting to a self-serve experience through AI chatbot not only enhanced the purchasing process and increased sales but maintained Centerfield’s top-rated customer service.

About Omnichannel

These days the path to purchase seems infinite. There are so many different ways a consumer could ultimately buy a product. This is why an omnichannel strategy is so important. Find out how Centerfield meets our customers where they are and gets them what they need on the platform they wish to transact on — be it web, voice, chat, SMS, email, push notifications, etc. — in our latest Insider episode.