Centerfielders Study the Playbook with AT&T

Centerfielders in Jamaica recently had the opportunity to participate in a special training event hosted by AT&T. The AT&T Leadership Academy gathered team leaders from different departments to work together and collaborate on ideas for improved communication, effective management processes, and promoting a culture built on knowledge and positivity.

The workshop was a hit! Each attendee walked out with a deeper understanding of other departments’ unique roles within the company and the relationship between them. They also learned how teams can better contribute to each other’s success. The course helped managers grow their own leadership skills as well as cultivate an atmosphere that supports our awesome sales agents.

Team members from Ft. Lauderdale flew out to our Montego Bay sales center, where the event was held, to support our agents on the floor for the duration of the workshop. After the course, Leadership Academy graduates celebrated together at Montego Bay’s Tracks and Records, famously known for being owned by Jamaican Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

The AT&T Leadership Academy embodied one of the nine core values of Centerfield: study the playbook. Learning new skills and staying ahead of the curve is a huge part of our culture. We love creating opportunities for Centerfielders to grow their skillsets, and we are super grateful to AT&T for hosting this event for us. Thank you, AT&T!