Centerfield Launches New Customer Intelligence Tool, Insights by Scout

We are proud to launch our new customer intelligence platform, Insights by Scout. Insights by Scout leverages aggregated, anonymized first-party data from millions of shopping experiences to improve audience targeting, optimize campaigns, and increase overall marketing efficiency in Centerfield’s end-to-end customer acquisition strategy.

Insights by Scout is the newest component of our industry-leading marketing automation tool, Dugout. Dugout optimizes and automates Centerfield’s marketing and sales strategy, and Insights by Scout visualizes performance data and turns it into actionable insights.

How It Works

Insights by Scout’s dashboard delivers insights from aggregated, anonymized first-party data collected on the customer journey through the sales funnel. Users can customize their dashboard by selecting from different widgets in the widget library, including geographic distribution of sales, conversion rates by channel and device, operating system data, demographic data, responses to customer surveys regarding desired products and prices, and more.

Data is visualized through an array of user-friendly charts and diagrams that present information in a way that’s easy to consume. Dashboard filters and widgets allow for an intuitive, self-service user experience with drag-and-drop functionality.

Valuable Insights

Insights gleaned from the dashboard can help identify customer profiles with the highest likelihood of conversion and the highest long-term value. Once an ideal customer profile is established, users can leverage this data to build lookalike audiences to target through other channels. Lookalike audiences can improve campaign targeting and bring in our clients’ ideal customers at the best rate.

“We built Insights by Scout so our marketing and sales teams could have key audience insights at their fingertips, in a digestible and user-friendly format,” says Gary Pak, Centerfield’s Chief Operating Officer. “It can help improve campaign performance, but it can also improve the customer shopping experience by letting us target the right people with the right message.”

Insights by Scout contains a massive volume of historical data and is continuously updated with each new click, call, and sale. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to roll out new features!