Centerfield Adds Speech Analytics to Customer Acquisition Platform Dugout

We are excited to announce the integration of speech analytics into our end-to-end customer acquisition platform, Dugout. This new platform gives us the ability to more efficiently analyze call transcripts and track call data. As a result, over the past few months we have been able to substantially improve customer satisfaction and sales.

Read on to learn how this technology is improving customer satisfaction and sales to better convert millions of phone calls into purchases, and check out our interview with Centerfield’s Data Science Business Analyst Daniel Chae.

How It Works

Speech analytics provides actionable insights on phone calls at a large scale, including details on conversation, silence, hold time, emotion and sentiment, to name a few. Centerfield handles millions of phone calls each year. Now with speech analytics, more than 95 percent of those conversations can be analyzed at scale. Dugout then learns from those insights to improve other parts of the customer experience, such as the text we use to describe products and services.

The Benefits

In just three months, Centerfield has reduced calls that do not generate sales by almost 20 percent. As a direct result of training from speech analytics, we have seen higher quality calls, converted more callers into customers, and even boosted web leads. “The future is bright for speech analytics,” says said Santosh Gumidelli, Centerfield’s director of data warehouse and architecture. “We plan to use our platform to build automated scorecards for our agents, conduct in-depth, ad-hoc call center analyses, and bolster our data infrastructure.”

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to roll out new features!