BroadbandNow: Helping Consumers Find and Compare Local Internet Service Providers

Tens of millions of Americans shop for internet service every year, with very few data points to truly understand the best plan for their budget and requirements.  That’s the story behind BroadbandNow, Centerfield’s online consumer guide and provider search engine that helps millions of Americans find and compare internet service providers.

As the largest database of ISPs, BroadbandNow provides accurate, up-to-date information on plans and coverage to help consumers make the best choice when shopping for internet service. To date, the team behind BroadbandNow has crunched over 1.5 billion rows of governmental and proprietary data to ensure the accuracy of its results.

One of the best parts of BroadbandNow is that it simplifies the internet shopping experience for consumers nationwide. With a simple city or zip search, consumers can see every residential and business internet provider with coverage in their footprint. For each provider, BroadbandNow lists available speeds, plans and prices, customer ratings, technologies offered (e.g. cable or fiber), and the percentage of the consumer’s zip covered by the provider. Consumers can also order their preferred plan directly through BroadbandNow by calling or ordering online.

The research and editorial team at BroadbandNow publishes independent research on topics like the digital divide and consumer shopping behavior, and we have recently been featured in Motherboard, PC Magazine and hundreds of other publications covering these critical topics. Together, we hope to keep building awareness while simplifying the internet shopping experience for consumers nationwide.