The Nine Traits of a Successful Centerfielder

When Centerfield was still in its early stages, our co-founders Brett Cravatt and Jason Cohen devised a set of core values that embodied the company’s ethos and its founding principles. Centerfield has evolved since those early days, but these core values continue to represent our company and guide us when making decisions.

From getting up to bat to rooting for the team, our nine core values can help new Centerfielders navigate their way to success. Keep reading to learn what it takes to be a successful Centerfielder, and watch some of our very own teammates explain what these values mean to them in the video below!

#1 Leave your uniform at home

We are not a cookie cutter, closed-cubed work environment. Our style and attitude represent our creative culture.

#2 No egos on the field

It will always be about the customer, the accomplishment, and the value that we create.

#3 Study the playbook

In the fast moving and ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, stay informed and ahead of the curve.

#4 Get up to bat and swing

Take risks and learn from your decisions.

#5 Practice makes perfect

Work smart! It’s not about your hours on the field, it’s the results for our clients and the company that matter most.

#6 Keep track of your stats

Everything we do has an opportunity and a result. Create opportunities, and always track and measure results.

#7 Root for the team

Celebrate our victories together and work towards our overall success.

#8 High five our wins

Have fun and laugh with one another every day!

#9 Give back

Give back to the community and the world around us.

Watch some of our teammates give their take on what Centerfield’s values mean to them: