Episode 4: Solving the Digital Divide with Veneeth Iyengar of the Louisiana Broadband Development Office

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Did you know there are 42 million individuals in the United States that do not have access to a high speed wired internet connection?  If you believe, that the internet is now effectively a utility to participate in today’s economy; this is a major problem.

Closing the “digital divide” requires many functions, including marketing – to citizens, private companies and other government organizations.

In this episode, John Busby, Centerfield CMO, spoke with Veneeth Iyengar, Louisiana State Executive Director for Broadband Development and Connectivity, to hear how the State of Louisiana is tackling this issue. 

Join us as we discuss:

-How to market to an audience that may not have faith in government programs

-What marketing channels to use when the population you’re trying to reach doesn’t have internet access

-What influencers look like in this space 

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