CF Learns Liz Griffin’s Tools for Success

Last week, Centerfield Los Angeles received a special visit from Liz Griffin, Assistant Vice President of National Sales Providers at AT&T. Our team works closely with Liz to help close thousands of residential and business internet, cable and wireless sales for AT&T using Centerfield’s end-to-end digital customer acquisition strategies.

Liz visited our beautiful office in Playa Vista to connect with the team firsthand and experience the drive and enthusiasm behind our work ethic. While here, she gave an impassioned interactive lecture to the entire office about career growth and personal branding.

Liz candidly discussed her own career choices and the path that led her to where she is now. She spoke about the importance of taking time to reflect on your goals and conducting regular self-assessments to make sure you’re on the right track. Paths aren’t always clear cut and what works for one person may not work for someone else, so it’s important to check in every so often and evaluate your actions.

“Horizontal moves are just as important as vertical moves,” said Liz. “In horizontal moves you are learning more about the business and expanding your knowledge. You can then use that knowledge to your advantage and leverage the additional skills you have gained to help you move forward.”

We also learned how to communicate our brand effectively, both in-person and online, and cultivate important relationships with four types of people who can help us stay on track to personal and professional success: mentors, sponsors, lifters and pushers.

To show our immense amount of gratitude to Liz for sharing her knowledge with us, we ended the session with a live musical performance and rap dedicated to Liz by our talented media buyers. Shoutout to Jagmeet Singh, Alan Lai, Abby Carlson, Matthew Hildreth and Nina Valentin – you guys rock!

And to Liz, thank you so much for joining our team this week! We got an incredible amount of value from the experience and we can’t wait to put our newfound knowledge into action.