BroadbandNow Launches Partner Program for Regional and Local Internet Service Providers

Centerfield’s online consumer guide and provider search engine, BroadbandNow, helps millions of Americans find and compare internet service providers (ISPs) in their area. As the largest online database of ISPs, BroadbandNow shows visitors every registered provider in their area.

Many Americans aren’t aware of all their options when it comes to choosing a provider. Part of BroadbandNow’s mission is to increase consumer adoption of broadband services through better awareness of all local options, while making it easier for providers to reach targeted audiences of potential customers.

BroadbandNow Premium

BroadbandNow recently launched a product offering that aims to do just that. BroadbandNow Premium is a subscription-based tool for regional and local providers that provides increased exposure so they can reach interested shoppers.

The self-serve advertising product lets local and regional ISPs receive more exposure via a monthly subscription. Providers of any size can sign up, with three different price points offered based on population covered through their existing footprint.

In addition to providing increased exposure and sales opportunities, BroadbandNow Premium encourages data verification. Registered providers can update their coverage data, speeds, and plan pricing themselves at any time. This ensures provider data is always up-to-date on the site and contributes to BroadbandNow’s goal of increasing broadband access through data transparency.

Regional and local internet service providers can find out more here.