Announcing Connections: The Influencer Marketing Summit

We are excited to announce Connections: The Influencer Marketing Summit, taking place on June 16th. This free three-hour virtual event presented in partnership with and Sivan Social is this year’s best place for brand marketers to connect with niche influencers looking for authentic partnerships.

What to look forward to at Connections 2021:

Gaining fresh insights from an Instagram expert: Our keynote speaker’s expertise in digital marketing for millennial and Gen Z audiences allows her to work with today’s emerging talent in helping express themselves creatively through effective storytelling strategies and brand-building partnerships. Connections will kick-off with fireside chat between Instagram’s Tiffany Matloob and Centerfield’s CMO John Busby.

Gleaning best practices from top influencers and brands: We have invited seasoned creators and influential decision-makers across diverse categories to share their secrets to success. Attendees can choose from four different interactive sessions.

Building the perfect influencer brand campaign: Get a front-row seat to a live master class in which three influencers will pitch their custom concepts for a major brand’s upcoming campaign. Featured influencers and brands will be announced next week, so stay tuned! Do not miss the opportunity to level up your influencer marketing campaigns in 2021. Register now for free: