A Day in the Life of Senior Vice President of Product Laryssa Jardine

Meet Laryssa Jardine, Senior Vice President of Product at Centerfield. Laryssa leads product strategy and the product management team for Centerfield. Get to know Laryssa in our latest “Day in the Life” interview. 

Q: How long have you worked at Centerfield? 

A: I started with Datalot where I led technology projects nine years ago when the company was just 30 people in a small office in Brooklyn. Datalot is now the Insurance Services division of Centerfield, where my team is leading technology and platform integrations for a company of more than 2,000 people!

Q: What is your official title? 

A: Senior Vice President of Product.

Q: Can you explain what your role entails? 

A: I manage the implementation of product across Centerfield’s Insurance brands with the goal of integrating our technologies under one hood. I’m excited to see what we can achieve using the strengths of both platforms, across all lines of business, to really optimize and streamline our end-to-end product flow.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? 

A: Currently we are building an omnichannel communications platform that will serve as the next generation of Centerfield’s Dugout platform. We are building this new platform from the ground up, taking the learnings from our current tools, to make something innovative and groundbreaking! This new technology is expected to allow us to take advantage of opportunities across all lines of the business.

Q: What are your favorite things about working at Centerfield? 

A: The people at Centerfield are awesome! I have had the privilege of working with many amazing people, across multiple teams, and I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow together.

Q: Any advice for people wanting to do what you do?

A: Get your hands dirty; don’t be afraid to be hands on and get into the weeds. Your colleagues will value your efforts, knowledge and direction in thinking strategically.  

Q: Can you share a WFH tip? 

A: Do one thing for YOURSELF every day. Take a walk. Get a mani-pedi. Treat yourself to something that brings you happiness; you deserve it!