A Day in the Life of Senior Director Sales & Client Services Nick Kurijaka

Meet one of Centerfield’s veterans, Senior Director of Sales & Client Services Nick Kurijaka.

Nick has been a key member of our East Coast team for eight years. He works on the business development and growth team to bring on new partnerships, expand existing ones, and increase overall gross profit for the company.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what your role is like at Centerfield? 

A: I do a little bit of everything—sales, account management, project management, and performance analysis. My role changes every day, but the goal is always the same: help our clients acquire customers. What worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. What’s there yesterday isn’t always here today. The industry changes, products change, goals change, Google changes. This constant evolution of the environment keeps the role challenging and keeps me motivated to meet the demand. 

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now, and why? 

A: Every day, I try to make a difference in the company. The fact that I’m able to do that for a very successful company is the coolest part of my job. Creating success within my company and for our partners by earning more partnerships and building deeper, more meaningful relationships is the most exciting. We’re in the business of providing value and the more we can do with our partners, the more everyone’s business can grow.

Q: What are your favorite things about Centerfield?

A: Our team and technology. Our team is highly motivated and share the same goal – to grow. The technology allows us to do it. I wouldn’t sell a product that I didn’t believe in. And what’s better is that it works so well, it truly sells itself. I just have to find the right partners and properly articulate that to them.

Q: Any advice for people wanting to do what you do? 

A: You don’t need any specific strengths to do what I do or to be successful. You just have to know your strengths and lean into them. Same thing with your company. Your company doesn’t have to have all the strengths, but it’s important to know what they are and how to show their value. If all else fails, it never hurts to outwork your competitors!

Q: What is your favorite WFH tip? 

A: It’s important to put your time in, but those hours don’t necessarily have to be all at once. Use the motivation while it’s there. Take a break when it’s not. Enjoy your lunch, enjoy the weather, enjoy your family. Then get back to it!