A Day in the Life of Savoo’s Bianca Mitchell

Bianca Mitchell joined Savoo in 2010 when the now leading discount code and coupon website consisted of merely Bianca and a managing director working out of a small office on London’s Tottenham Court Road. Over the course of the next two years, Bianca helped expand the business across Europe and Brazil.

Today, as the international arm of U.S.-based vouchers website Savings.com, Savoo operates in 10 markets worldwide, including Germany, France, Italy, and Mexico. Savoo’s UK operation alone works with more than 2,500 brands across travel, technology, fashion, and other verticals. In Q4 2020, Savoo and its U.S. counterpart Savings.com saw record revenue growth due to the continued shift toward e-commerce internationally.

Q: You have been with Savoo for quite a while now. Can you tell us how the company has evolved and its role as the international arm of Savings.com?

A: Savoo has always positioned itself as being the go-to destination site for helping consumers save money. In 2015, Savoo expanded its core product offering into the charity sector, giving shoppers the chance to raise free donations for over 400 charity partners when redeeming codes. This was more aligned with our staff motivations and what we as a company wanted to be involved in. Every time a user redeems one of our discount codes, we donate up to 50 percent of our affiliate commission on the supporter’s behalf. Shopping has never felt so good! 

Q: What have been some of your proudest moments in this role?

A: Learning and setting up the charity sector as a whole new area of the Savoo business has been extremely rewarding for me. When I look back, I would definitely say my proudest moment was getting those first agreements through before we even went live with the new charity aspect of the website. A win that is especially close to my heart, and one that I have had first-hand experience with, is Marie Curie—a UK charity that provides care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families. Until this day, they are a charity we work extremely close with. 

Q: What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

A: Within my charity partnerships role, I’m always focused on developing new and exciting campaigns where I link up our Savoo retailers with great charities. Whether that’s for Mental Health Week, National Pet Month, or International Women’s Day, it’s really exciting creating those partnerships and to see the success of them at the end for everyone involved. Outside of my charity role, I am exploring a new coupon product that could be an effective revenue channel for multiple Centerfield digital brands.

Q: Any advice for someone wanting to do what you do?

A: Someone once told me you have two ears and one mouth for a reason! This has stuck with me throughout my career and I would say that listening to a client’s needs and objectives is vital for ensuring that you can meet expectations. Ultimately, a successful partnership works as a two-way street.

Q: Can you share a personal tip for working from home?

A: What works for me is taking a break and doing something physical to get out of my own head and away from my screen is—whether that’s going for a short walk or joining in to an online yoga class. I also always plan my day the night before so I don’t get distracted. Having a clear to-do list really helps me focus and gives me a great sense of achievement when I end the day with everything ticked off. For motivation and general positive morale, I try to video call a couple of colleagues a week and not talk about work. It’s also been a great way to try and keep the Savoo family culture going even when we are all online.