A Day in the Life of Lead Business Analyst Daniel Chae

Meet Daniel Chae, the Centerfielder responsible for ensuring our business runs as optimally as possible. As the Lead Business Analyst, Daniel and his team generate actionable insights from millions of customer interactions via web, mobile, chat, and voice. Get to know some exciting new data infrastructure projects Daniel is working on and his favorite part about working at Centerfield in the latest “Day in the Life” interview.

Q: Can you explain what your role entails? 

A: A lot of what I do centers around helping Centerfield’s business units run more optimally. The primary way I accomplish this is by strategizing and conducting in-depth analyses that uncover and validate new business opportunities. Now as a manager, I also help my team create new data infrastructure that will help Centerfield scale its current opportunities.   

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? 

A: I’m working with my team to create customer personas so that each of our customers can have a deeply personal experience. The hope is to create a data infrastructure that provides an undeniably incredible and pleasant customer experience across all of our verticals. 

Q: What are your favorite things about working at Centerfield? 

A: Hands down it’s the culture. People believe in doing their work with excellence and collaboratively. We’re all team players and believe the best in each other. I also appreciate that Centerfielders know how to work hard and also have a fun time enjoying one another’s company. Centerfield holds an annual holiday party and I’ve looked forward to it every year so far! 

Q: Any advice for people wanting to do what you do? 

A: My best advice is to prioritize impact and value. It’s easy to get caught up in learning trendy skills, but at the end of the day, people create impact, not skills. Build great rapport with people throughout your company, no matter their proximity to what you do on your day-to-day. Build great relationships, identify and execute on creating impact, and have a lot of fun.

Q: Can you share a WFH tip? 

A: Time blocking! It’s not constrained to WFH, but I find that time blocking is a helpful mechanism to stay focused, ruthlessly efficient, and on top of what you need to get done.