A Day in the Life of Full-Stack Developer Oscar Bonifassi

Meet Centerfield’s Senior Full-Stack Developer Oscar Bonifassi. Oscar has been helping to build our industry-leading platform, Dugout, for more than four years. Read on to find out how Oscar tackles an intimidating amount of data without breaking a sweat.

Q: Can you explain what your role entails?

A: Solving problems with technology to help move the business forward. It involves solving technical problems, coding those solutions, and helping the team I work with do the same.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

A: Working on tools where we provide real-time visibility to our business. Handling large sets of data is challenging, but rewarding to see it all come together for the business, and see the value it provides.

Q: What are your favorite things about working at Centerfield?

A: The people. Working with so many different unique personalities, skill sets, expertise — all attempting to come together to solve everyday workday problems and innovate — is, in my opinion, a modern-day superhero movie.

Q: Any advice for people wanting to do what you do?

A: Believe and be confident in yourself and your actions, even when they are wrong. Attempting to consume large amounts of information can feel overwhelming at times. Don’t underestimate the strength of small actions and consistency in how you trek through your journey. Embrace your own pace.

Q: What is your favorite WFH tip?

A: See the sun as much as you can. It is amazing to see how much outdoor activity, such as a walk or jog during the day, can provide such mental strength for tackling daily workday challenges.