A Day in the Life of Content Manager Chioma Azeh

Content Manger Chioma Azeh joined the Centerfield team through an acquisition one year ago. As a former Marine and California transplant, Chioma has mastered the phrase “adapt and overcome.” She embraces the fast-paced world of content and applies that phrase to her day-to-day responsibilities at Centerfield.   

Q: Tell me about yourself and what your role is like at Centerfield?
A: As a content manager, I focus on writing and editing content for internet-related topics. I work with a team of writers to ensure we provide accurate, actionable information for our audience. One of the sites I manage is CordCutting.com.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you are working on right now, and why?
A: Currently, I am working on in-depth reviews for a few popular streaming services. Personable reviews tell you more about a product than any brochure or description could. I like sharing my experiences knowing they are, in some way, helping someone else. 

Q: What are your favorite things about Centerfield?  
A: My favorite thing about Centerfield is its people-first culture. I’m proud to work for a company that is willing to set aside time to discuss social issues in the country and ensure each member has support from all ends.

Q: Any advice for people wanting to do what you do?
A: Always have an open mind and be willing to make changes. Content is always evolving and so should your style. The editing process can take time, but the feedback is necessary for growth. 

Q: What is your favorite WFH tip?
A: Build a routine. I have a flexible one, but it helps me find balance in being a working mom. It also helps to have designated areas to work.