5 Key Learnings from Connections: The B2B Marketing Summit

In light of the challenges and opportunities faced by B2B marketers over the past year, on April 21st we held a live, virtual conference in partnership with business.com and Business News Daily for business leaders on how best to reach buyers and optimize conversion during this unique period of time. Over 100 CEOs, department heads, and marketers attended our two-hour event.

Here are the five things we learned about marketing for B2B to ensure success in 2021 and beyond:

1. Personalization is the magic ingredient.

It’s quite evident buyers are sick and tired of the impersonal, scripted sales emails. Customizing your communication for each prospect will be vital in converting buyers for the months and years ahead.

2. Understanding integration capabilities is key.

Do your research. The seller should be able to know exactly what the buyer’s unique integration needs are upfront so that they aren’t promising them something that can’t happen.

3. Direct mail is making a comeback.

Want to cut through the clutter? Penning a note is more likely to grab a buyer’s attention than yet another sales email. 

4. Now is a good time to increase your quality score.

Google rewards landing pages that take users deeper into their website. Rather than cramming every field into one form, lead with low-friction questions that are contextually relevant to the product or service, then ease them into those crucial questions. 

5. Don’t forget to optimize on mobile.

With over 50 percent of web traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, it is crucial that your landing page is engaging, appealing, and succinct for mobile users. Make cleaning up your mobile landing page a priority this year.  

To see more on what was discussed at The B2B Marketing Summit, you can watch all of the session recordings on the business.com YouTube channel. Begin with the keynote address from B2B marketing expert and author Samantha Stone below!